Corinthians employ Kaka & Neymar look-a-likes to sell shirts

Kudos to Corinthians for producing a new excellent viral video to get fans to their club shops.

They have employed Kaka and Neymar look-a-likes to appear in their new advert which sees the former Sao Paulo playmaker and current Santos forward make “secret” trips to the Corinthians club shop.

As well as using two iconic players from their great rivals in the advert, Corinthians also manage a few sly digs along the way.

Just as “Kaka” walks into the Corinthians shop, there is a goal being scored against Sao Paulo and the sales lady asks “aren’t you that player who appears in Europe?”

The actor playing “Neymar” comes replete with ridiculous hair cut and first has a look at the Corinthians baby clothing on offer in a sly reference to the fact the Brazilian starlet will soon be a father. And on the screen whilst Neymar is in the store is a famous Ronaldo goal for Corinthians against Santos.

Corinthians’ excellent new advert can be seen here.