Corinthians cheat at the Harlem Shake, do a double Shake!

It’s become cool to mock the Harlem Shake, ridicule and belittle it.

The cold fact is, every Shake is worth a watch, and the ones who claim otherwise are the ones who’ve watched the most and who dream of one day featuring in one.

Corinthians prove the point, as if it weren’t for watching their effort, we would never have realised…that they blatantly cheated at it!

That’s right, Brazilian side Corinthians took the ill-advised decision to perform a double shake, i.e. to return to a lone dancing figure once the main Shake had been completed.

This flagrant ignoring of Shake rules leaves us no other option but to disqualify Corinthians from consideration for the inevitable ‘Best Shake’ poll in the near future.

Watch Corinthians cheat at the Harlem Shake below by performing a curious double Shake.

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