Contender for the Craziest Assault of the Season: A Turkish linesman punches a footballer in the face

Whilst we love to keep you readers up to date with the freshest news stories, sometimes some tales slip through the net only to be discovered at a later date. That rings true for the next clip, however we’re pretty sure you won’t have seen this footage either.

Back in the middle of August, as teams were gearing up for the onset of the 2012-13 season, two lower league sides in Turkey faced-off in a pre-season friendly. The teams involved were Altinorduspor (in red) and Pazarspor (in blue/black).

As Pazarspor were preparing for a free-kick in the 55th one of the most insane football assaults of recent times was witnessed, as the linesman suddenly burst onto the pitch and punched Altinorduspor’s number two square in the kisser. Consequentially, that sparked a huge melee on the pitch.

As the lino was whisked away from the crime scene by a huddle of fans, the Altinorduspor players watched their blood levels rise and rise until one teammate managed to corner the official in the dugout. Players, more supporters, and basically everyone at the game then piled in to the mix to separate the twosome, which in turn lead to pockets of further trouble sprouting up on the pitch.

Eventually the linesman was escorted away from the hot spot as tensions finally calmed, however we still remain clueless as to what lit the fuse of the lino to begin with.

Watch the unbelievable assault of a linesman on a Turkish footballer below.

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