The WWE Goal Celebration: Angel Reyna’s acrobatic wrestling takedown (Monterrey) vs Chorrillo FC

27-year-old Angel Reyna maybe looking to swap is football career for a life in wrestling.

The Monterrey striker wowed the crowd on Tuesday night in the CONCACAF Champions League, after he scored his side’s third goal in their 5-0 whitewash of Chorrillo FC.

Having slipping the ball into the back of the net, Reyna went over to celebrate with his striker-partner Abraham Dario Carreno. But rather than simply slapping each other on the back, Reyna treated Carreno like a WWE opponent as he took him down with a stunning display of athleticism and technique.

Enjoy Angel Reyna’s acrobatic wrestling takedown celebration below.

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Note: Angel Reyna’s goal celebration wasn’t completely off the cuff.

Earlier in the week footage leaked out from Monterrey’s training ground of Reyna practicing his wrestling move, and that footage can be seen below.

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