Contender for Dive of the Season: Amad Al Hosni (Al Ahli) vs Al Hilal

It didn’t take long for Pepe’s joke of a dive against Barcelona to get eclipsed.

Sadly barely a day goes by without the Beautiful Game getting stained by a disgraceful piece of play-acting – and today is no different.

Al Ahli played host to Al Hilal in the Saudi Arabian top flight on Thursday, and only five minutes into the contest home striker Amad Al Hosni hit the deck as if he’d been shot by a sniper.

As the Omani forward broke down the inside left channel with Al Hilal defender Sultan Al Beshi for company, the Al Ahli number 20 abandoned all thoughts of actually relying on his football skills and trying to score, as he flopped to the floor as if his legs had suddenly turned to jelly.

Making the incident all the more deplorable was the fact that Al Beshi was yards away from the striker when he took his tumble, yet the gullible officials on hand swallow the dive hook, line and sinker and proceeded to book the visiting defender.

Watch Amad Al Hosni’s horrible simulation here.


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