BT Sport’s commentators discuss Stefan Kiessling’s Phantom Goal, player appears to admit to ref it didn’t go in

Stefan Kiessling’s now infamous ghost goal this evening in the Bundesliga was such an optical illusion that nobody actually knew it hadn’t gone in correctly.

Except for the goalscorer himself Stefan Kiessling.

Even the BT Sport commentators (Kevin Kilbane on co-commentary) were convinced it had gone it at first glance, but the fact that Kiessling knew it hadn’t gone in has provoked many to call him out, saying he should owned up to it.

So before any moral panic breaks out a la Thierry Henry (two different cases obviously; Kiessling didn’t in  any way seek to cheat), it’s worth watching this video, on which he can be seen speaking to the ref at the end, and appears to be telling him the truth through his body language.

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