CNN Report: The biggest match-fixing scandal in European football history

With a host of arrests over the past 48 hours, European football has been forced to wake up to a nightmare scenario of match-fixing as details of the alleged biggest match-fixing scandal that Uefa have ever seen slowly begin to filter into the public domain.

German prosecutors investigating about 200 games in Europe, including at least three in the Champions League and 12 in the Europa League, ordered more than 50 police raids in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United Kingdom, leading to the arrests. The matches under investigation were played in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Austria, although to-date no matches played with Britain are under suspicion.

All the matches in question are believed to have taken place this year, although neither Uefa nor the German authorities was prepared to specify if they were qualifying games or group-stage matches.

Prosecutors believe that a criminal gang has bribed players, coaches, referees and officials to fix games and made money by betting on the results.

A CNN report into the match-fixing scandal can be seen here.