Club World Cup: Ronaldo & Rooney’s shambolic post match interview

The Club World Cup maybe already a distant memory for most, yet while the football was generally forgettable, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney’s post match interview after the final was anything but.

In a scene straight out of the madness of Takeshi’s Castle, United’s two star players were shepherded straight from the field of play, through the clamour of baying photographers, into the makeshift pitch-side studio.

First to enter the set was a smiley Ronaldo, who prompted a giggly and girly reaction from the show’s apparent host, who was quickly followed on stage by Rooney. With all the excitement around them, and clearly not understanding a word, Ronaldo and Rooney looked uncomfortable in their new surroundings, with smiles plastered over their faces as the chaos around them unfolded.

Cue the stereotypical photo-snaps live on air before the interview got underway. And when the questions finally came they included the presenter telling Ronaldo “I’d love legs like yours” and telling the Portuguese star “he is so cute.”

Then things really started to fall apart. Ronaldo was quickly pulled out of the interview by a third party (who the presenters tried to talk to on air), with Rooney confusingly left all on his own as he tried to also exit the stage before being told to stay put. A cringe-worthy sixty second interview was then held, with Rooney constantly found looking over his shoulder before finally being allowed to leave the stage.

See the shambolic post match interview here.


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