Clough (ITV documentary)

Over the last few weeks it has been almost impossible to avoid articles in the national newspapers about Brian Clough due to the film released yesterday titled The Damned United.

Since it is based on a book of “faction” by acclaimed novelist David Peace, there were a number of people upset with how it depicted the life of Brian. As a result ITV produced a documentary earlier this week to set the record straight before cinema goers went to see the film.

As always, the excellent Giles Smith of The Times summed up the documentary in an article titled: “Isn’t that just like Brian Clough to get retaliation in first.”

Starring the likes of Barbara Clough, Nigel Clough and Geoffrey Boycott this is a documentary where, (in the words of Smith) “To be sure of a slot here, you had to have earned it the hard way. It wasn’t enough to have seen Clough on the telly at some point in your schooldays and then, later, to have got a job as a weather girl. You had to have known Clough or been around him at a critical moment. You had to have played under him, or gone for a managerial position at the same time as him, or been married to him. (Barbara Clough, to my mind, stole this show.) Or you had to be one of his sons.”

If you haven’t yet had enough of Clough and are not to disturbed by subtitles on your screen, the full ITV documentary can be seen in eight parts: Here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

(A brief taster of the Clough documentary can be seen here.)