Claudio Ranieri reveals Leicester chairman’s season expectations upon joining


Leicester City’s Italian manager Claudio Ranieri today published a magnificent blog post titled “We Do Not Dream”.

Seven points clear at the top of the table, Ranieri began the blog detailing what the Leicester City chairman told him he expected of him in the forthcoming season.

“I remember my first meeting with the chairman when I arrived at Leicester City this summer. He sat down with me and said, “Claudio, this is a very important year for the club. It is very important for us to stay in the Premier League. We have to stay safe.”

“My reply was, “Okay, sure. We’ll work hard on the training ground and try to achieve this.”

“Forty points. That was the goal. That was the total we needed to stay in the first division, to give our fans another season of Premier League football.

“Back then, I did not dream that I would open the paper on April 4 and see Leicester City at the top of the table with 69 points. Last year on this same day, the club was at the bottom of the table.


We’ve picked out some of our favourite quotes from Claudio Ranieri regarding N’Golo Kante but you can read the full blog post by clicking here.

Questions were asked when veteran midfielder Esteban Cambiasso was let go last summer but Kante’s energy and sheer class in the midfield have been evident from day one, as Claudio Ranieri points out in an early Leicester City training session.

“This player Kanté, he was running so hard that I thought he must have a pack full of batteries hidden in his shorts. He never stopped running in training.

“I had to tell him, “Hey, N’Golo, slow down. Slow down. Don’t run after the ball every time, okay?”

“He says to me, “Yes, boss. Yes. Okay.”

“Ten seconds later, I look over and he’s running again.

“I tell him, “One day, I’m going to see you cross the ball, and then finish the cross with a header yourself.”

“He’s unbelievable, but he is not the only key. There are too many keys to name in this incredible season.”

The former Chelsea manager hopes this amazing campaign has taught a lesson to young footballers all over the world.

“We have six games remaining, and we must continue fighting with our heart and our soul. This is a small club that is showing the world what can be achieved through spirit and determination. Twenty-six players. Twenty-six different brains. But one heart.

“Just a few years ago, many of my players were in the lower leagues. Vardy was working in a factory. Kanté was in the third tier of the French league. Mahrez was in the French fourth division.

“Now, we are fighting for a title. The Leicester fans I meet in the street tell me they are dreaming. But I say to them, “Okay, you dream for us. We do not dream. We simply work hard.”

“No matter what happens to end this season, I think our story is important for all football fans around the world. It gives hope to all the young players out there who have been told they are not good enough.”