Class! Mesut Ozil supports surgery of another 12 kids after Germany WC victory

In March, Mesut Ozil announced he would be paying for the surgeries of 11 children in Brazil ahead of the World Cup.

On the video below, the Arsenal playmaker announced: “Let’s go people! Let’s move it together in Brazil. Let’s set an example. I’m taking care of eleven surgeries. The most beautiful team of eleven ever. Together we can help many more children, thank you for your help”.

On Wednesday, Ozil increased this number from 11 to 23 with the message above on Facebook that reads:

“dear fans, prior to the #WorldCup I supported the surgery of eleven sick children. since the victory of the #WorldCup is not only due to eleven players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23. this is my personal thank-you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil.”

All in all, pretty impressive stuff from Arsenal’s record signing!