CL quarters rehearsal: Galatasaray got Barcelona, Juventus drew PSG & Bayern pull Real Madrid

Who remembers what happened last time?

Back in December when the draw for the Champions League last-16 was made, an incredible episode played out as the rehearsal draw and the real draw produced eight identical fixtures.

The odds of pulling eight identical fixtures were an astounding 0.00005%, or about 1 in 2 million, and it left some conspiracy theorists believing the whole thing was a fix.

With that as the background, interest in the rehearsal draw for the Champions League quarter-finals has been jacked up a notch.

On Thursday night the rehearsal draw was made (the actual draw happens on Friday at midday in Switzerland), and the fixtures spat out were mouth-watering.

Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray were given a glamour draw against last-16 comeback kings Barcelona. Malaga, another comeback success story, were rewarded with a tie against Borussia Dortmund. Juventus, many peoples dark horses for the tournament, got paired with French moneybags PSG, while the tie of the round saw Bayern Munich matched up with Real Madrid.

The Champions League quarter-finals rehearsal draw can be seen below.

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