Christian Suarez scores a Frank Lampard non-goal (Necaxa – Morelia)

On the same day that Fifa announced that they’d be trying ten different vying technologies to introduce video evidence into football, Mexican side Necaxa suffered a major injustice that proved that such a process cannot happen quick enough.

Many Englishman were convinced that video technology had to be brought into the beautiful game after Frank Lampard saw his 100% legal goal chalked off against Germany at the 2010 World Cup. Now an identical situation occurred in the Mexican top flight on Friday with the added twist of a wrongful offside call to pour in the wound.

With the match between Necaxa and Morelia deadlocked midway through the second half, home midfielder Christian Suarez curled a lovely 25-yard shot over the keeper, off the underside of the bar, and a foot over the line in the goal. The ball then bounced out of the goal, and the Morelia players protested that the ball never went over the line.

Embarrassingly, after the match officials consulted each other, the terrible decision was reached that no goal had been scored.

But their was a second injustice which left Necaxa spitting blood. After Suarez’s shot had bounced out the goal, home forward Sergio Blanco reacted with breakneck speed to jump on the rebound and head the ball back over the line. Again the aid of television replays showed that Blanco was not offside and the goal should have stood, but again the officials arrived at the wrong conclusion to deny a second goal.

After suffered from a painful comedy of errors that robbed his side of two goals in one attack, Necaxa manager Sergio Bueno unsurprisingly talked himself into a red card from the technical area.

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The footage can be seen here.

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