Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith gets death threats from Flamengo fans after using the club shirt as toilet paper

We’re indebted to our good friend @Fernando_Duarte for making us aware of this next story.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith was at an event in Belo Horizonte, when the musician decided to engage with the crowd by pulling out a Flamengo jersey.

After whipping out the short the crowd, at large, were whipped up in a frenzy, and the rocker quickly came to realise that the crowd were not fans on the Flamengo apparel he was holding up.

Looking to win the crowd back, the drummer shoved the shirt down the back of his jeans, wiped his arse, and then he tossed the jersey behind him.

Most of the crowd roared in enthusiastic tribalism, however a couple of missiles was instantly thrown at the Chilli Pepper from the crowd.

Revved up on the energy from the crowd,  Smith continued to prod the football loving crowd shouting out “Atletico Miniero” moments later.

According to report the backlash has been fast and harsh, with the Chilli Pepper drummer receiving death threats from Flamengo supporters. The anger had grown so intense that Smith has since apoloised for his behaviour and has met the Flamengo team as well.

Footage of Chad Smith using Flamengo’s club shirt as toilet paper is below.