Chiellini vs Cavani: “Stop crying” (Italy-Uruguay)

Just before the final whistle on Tuesday night, Uruguayan and Napoli striker Edinson Cavani was involved in a fracas with Azzurri defender Giorgio Chiellini.

The Juventus centre-half, looking to close down the Matador near the halfway line, managed to clip the South American striker as Cavani was releasing the ball to a teammate. But rather than taking the knock like a man, Cavani, who was aiming to close out his nation’s 1-nil win, reacted like an extra in Platoon.

As if his foot had been blown off, Cavani rolled on the floor like a crazed maniac in a two-pronged programme of time-wasting combined with forcing a booking on his opponent.

But Chiellini didn’t appreciate Cavani’s antics one bit.

Unrepentant for his actions, after grounding the attacker Chiellini then stood over his prey and goaded him to get back on his feet. Moreover, while gesturing for Cavani to get up, the Italian was spotted mouthing “You’re always crying, stop crying!”

Watch footage of the Chiellini vs Cavani spat here.


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