Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich & Arsenal’s Alisher Usmanov lose fortunes as oil prices tank [Telegraph]

Oil prices may soon be a concern for fans of Chelsea and Arsenal.

The Telegraph have today reported that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Arsenal’s second biggest shareholder Alisher Usmanov have both lost fortunes in the past few days.

Russia’s super rich have lost more than $11 billion (£7.6 billion) in just 10 trading days as the oil price has fallen to below $30 a barrel.

Abramovich has reported lost $820 million off his bottom line as a result of the oil slide.

As for Usmanov, he has reportedly lost $910 million.

While the news may be of a concern for fans of the Blues and Gunners, there is no reason to believe either tycoon is running out of money fast.

It is thought Roman Abramovich is still sitting on more than $6 billion in savings accounts around the world.

According to the 2015 Forbes list, Alisher Usmanov is sat in 71st position with a personal value of $14.4 billion.