Chelsea’s propaganda war: How hard are the Blues’ training sessions?

In Chelsea’s recent malaise, one of the central criticisms levelled at the Blues is that match preparations carried out at their Cobham training facility are too relaxed, which is having a knock-on affect come game-time.

As explained by David Hytner in today’s Guardian, “Terry and Frank Lampard have held talks with the powers that be to voice complaints which centre on Scolari’s relaxed training regime. They feel that it has left them lacking full match sharpness and they speak on behalf of plenty of their team-mates. It is understood that other players have gone to Peter Kenyon, the chief executive, to voice their concerns.”

Yet, as far as the Blues are concerned, such criticisms are nonsense.

Releasing a video at the start of the week on their dedicated Chelsea FC YouTube page, some puppet was placed in front of the camera explaining recent events at the training ground.

Preaching the party line, the audience are told “Scolari is not a fan of the day off” and that there are far less resting days now when compared to the regimes of Jose Mourinho or Avram Grant. The nameless face also reports how “their is a lot of serious faces around here and determination” and dismisses out of hand any claims that there is a lack of effort at the Blues.

The Blues’ propaganda message can be seen here.

So which is it? Lazy days or total commitment?