Chelsea’s Mohamed Salah may be forced to return to Egypt to serve Military Service [KingFut]

Well now this is something Chelsea probably weren’t expecting when they signed Mohamed Salah from Basel last season.

KingFut report that the Chelsea winger may be forced to return to his Egyptian homeland to serve military service due to a ruling from Egypt’s Minister for Education.

KingFut say that Salah’s registration for an education program was rescinded, meaning that the Chelsea man may now have to return to Egypt to carry out military duty, with (short-term) conscription mandatory for Egyptian men in Salah’s age group.

Salah is said to be in a state of shock at the news, seemingly unaware that he could be called upon as a professional footballer, and were this to materialize, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the country for the designated period of time.

Which would complicate his playing for Chelsea in England, it goes without saying.