Chelsea’s John Terry admits he told ref Phil Dowd to send off Chico Flores [Pics & Vine]

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Among the many things John Terry’s been accused of in his colorful career, one is that he wields excessive influence with referees.

Captains up and down the country see it as their duty to be the intermediary between his players and the ref, but Terry’s oft taken it to another level, constantly badgering officials.

And in a pretty unprecedented admission JT actually came out and says he gave the ref his considered opinion on what to do with Chico Flores at Swansea yesterday.

Book just minutes earlier for a foul on Willian, Flores then fouled Schurrle in the 16th minute – a clear second yellow by all accounts. But Dowd at first looked set to let Flores off with a warning, perhaps due it being so early in the game.

But once the Chelsea players surrounded him, Dowd was suddenly convinced, and sent Flores off.

Terry said: “I just said, ‘It’s a second yellow for me’. He gave him one a couple minutes before on the halfway line and that one just outside the box is probably even more a yellow than the other one. Fair play to Phil, the ref, it was a big decision to make and I thought he made the right one and credit goes to him for that.


“I’m speaking as a Chelsea player, but when we all sit back and look at it then it’s definitely two yellows. It’s simple as that. If it’s a minute, two, five minutes into the game and it is a yellow or red card then it doesn’t matter. Thankfully we managed to take advantage.”

Watch Flores’ foul on Schurrle on the clip below, and Dowd’s eventual brandishing of the red card on the Vine below.