Chelsea’s Frank Lampard hits back at “heartless” claims on live radio (audio)

One of the big stories in the tabloid press over the past few days has been the acrimonious break-up of Chelsea’s Frank Lampard to his WAG fiancee, and mother of his two children, Elen Rives.

Taking the story to the London airwaves this morning, LBC presenter James O’Brien put his foot in it when he accused Lampard of abandoning his two daughters after the split last year.

Furious, Lampard called in the station to put the record straight and to take the presenter to task over his reporting of the story.

Trying to hold his ground, O’Brien bleated “for me if you’ve got little girls and this is going to sound awful, I have little girls of three and one, I can’t conceive of any circumstances in which I wouldn’t fight tooth and flipping nail to hold my family together.”

Lampard fired back, “Excuse me, what do you think I’ve been doing for the last two years? Let me tell you something now, my mother died a year ago today, which has been a huge impact on my life, my family’s life and my sister’s life. And unfortunately that’s had a huge impact on my relationship at home. And there is nothing, I wish I could do a lot about that, but unfortunately I can’t do nothing about that. But I find it insulting that you’re telling me you would fight tooth and nail and insinuating that I wouldn’t fight tooth and nail. That’s what I’ve spent time doing.”

And there was a lot more too.

Listen to Frank Lampard’s emotional radio outburst here.


After the event Sky News caught up with LBC presenter James O’Brien to grill the radio host about his run-in with Frank Lampard. The interview can be seen here.