Chelsea’s Frank Lampard has banter with Stoke fans who claim John Terry is very friendly with his missus [Video]

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard has shown he can take a joke.

A video has started to spread online from last weekend’s FA Cup match between the Blues and Stoke at Stamford Bridge, in which some visiting away fans got into a bit of banter with the Pensioners’ #8.

As Lampard was getting ready to swing in a corner for Chelsea, a section of the Stoke supporters began singing:

He’s shagging your wife, he’s shagging your wife, John Terry, he’s shagging your wife!

In the face of horrible abuse from the sidelines, Lampard showed a touch of class as the Chelsea stalwart simply flashed the Potters supporters a thumbs up before getting on with his business.

Watch Chelsea’s Frank Lampard have some banter with Stoke fans below.