Chelsea’s flight to Bucharest: Mikel sits with Eva & John Terry reads Soccernomics

Club TV channels may be a way of making more cash for the biggest teams, but they also give us an insight into how the stars go about their professional lives.

The video below is from Chelsea TV today and shows the Chelsea squad on the plane to Bucharest for Thursday’s Europa League clash with Steaua.

Of some interest on Twitter has been the fact that John Obi Mikel bagged the best seat on the plane – next to Chelsea’s physio Eva Carneiro – the pair can be seen behind John Terry and Frank Lampard who we are told always sit at the front.

The biggest surprise is that John Terry is reading an intellectual football book – Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski.

What plays out is some chatter with the Chelsea TV presenter and then some mickey taking of Chelsea reserve keeper Ross Turnbull, with John Terry seemingly on first name terms with his wife…

Yet again, much like his now deleted Instagram account, John Terry comes across as quite a reasonable bloke.