Chelsea’s Ashley Cole cussed out by a woman in Missouri for being a bad tipper: ‘I hope he gets raped!’

Ashley Cole being abused for being a bad tipper is a video that was made to go viral.

A video has been released overnight by American gossipers TMZ showing Chelsea and England’s Ashley Cole getting cussed out by a woman in Missouri for reportedly being a bad tipper.

The footage is a few months old, having been recorded over the summer whilst Chelsea was on tour in America.

According to reports Cole had the night off to enjoy with friends, but the evening was less than relaxing after the footballer took a torrent of abuse from an American woman. As reported by TMZ:

Premier League soccer star Ashley Cole learned a valuable lesson at a Missouri bar – possibly drunk American chicks don’t give a crap about English soccer stars – and TMZ has video of the epic ass-chewing she gave him.

Ashley and a few teammates hit up a bar called Hair of the Dog. Witnesses tell us there was a small dispute with the bartender over how much the players tipped, but they left without incident. But outside the bar things got heated when a woman offered the footballers a ride to their hotel, and Cole refused to go.

The highlights of the tirade on Cole included lines such as, “My people don’t give two shits about you…. They don’t even know how to tip!… I hope this stupid ass gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherfucking sidewalk!”

Watch Chelsea’s Ashley Cole getting cussed out by a woman in Missouri below.