Chelsea striker Fernando Torres: Many Liverpool fans still have “loving words for me”

On his 30th birthday, Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has given a fascinating interview to AS about his career, success with the Spanish national team and about playing for Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

It is clear that El Nino is at heart an Atletico Madrid supporter but Torres also has plenty of nice things to say about Liverpool, a club he left for 50 million pounds in January 2011.

On Liverpool, Torres says the following:

AS: Your time at Liverpool was a huge success; what are your memories of Anfield?

Torres: “I played there for three and a half years and I was made to feel right at home, like at the Calderón. The support the fans gave me was tremendous, and gave me tremendous confidence and self-assurance when I went out to play.”

AS: You were adored by the Liverpool fans. Do you think that they now understand your departure?

Torres: “No, because everything they’ve heard is the version that some people at the club have given to the media and have spread among the supporters. They’ve made it out to be something, which isn’t the truth. I’m sure it isn’t easy to understand why a player leaves, but I focus on the thousands of letters that I receive here in London, from Liverpool fans thanking me and telling me that they follow me now, even though I’m at another club. When we went to play at Anfield last year, a man of more than 70 years old came to the hotel, almost in tears, and thanked me and wished me the best. There’ll be all sorts of opinions, but the Liverpool fans I’ve come across have had words of affection for me.”

The Spanish striker also has plenty of positive things to say about Chelsea, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea but we suspect the mystery surrounding his move from Liverpool is what will attract the headlines…