Liverpool’s Mignolet wants to be Belgium’s starting keeper, Chelsea’s Courtois accuses him of disrespect

Fight! Fight! Fight!

A war of words is bubbling up in the Belgium national team amongst their two goalies Thibaut Courtois and Simon Mignolet.

Courtois, who is currently in his second season on-loan with Atletico Madrid from Chelsea, has taken offence to comments made by Liverpool’s Mignolet’s about their battle to be Belgium’s World Cup #1.

Several weeks ago Courtois fired his first verbal assault at the Reds goalie saying “In Spain, I hear no goalkeeper saying they’re aiming for the place of Casillas. Not De Gea, not Valdes, not Reina. It’s the opposite – they back Casillas. Simon can say whatever he wants, but I think I’ve already saved enough points for Belgium and I’m playing good games for Atletico. He has to stay humble and respectful.”

Now Courtois has been pressed on those comments in the Belgium media, however the Chelsea stopper remains pissed off with the Liverpool keeper for his public ambitions to become the number one pick in goal.

Courtois has barked “It shows that you do not accept the choice of the coach, and at the same time you show no respect for the current number one. But I do not want my statements to appear like last time. Then it sounded like I said Mignolet may show no ambition. That’s not true. I understand that he has the ambition to become the number one in the Belgian goal, only you should also show respect for those who play.”