Chelsea fans troll David Moyes & Arsene Wenger in song, tell Arsenal’s Cazorla ‘you’re just a sh*t Juan Mata’

After six wins out of six matches in October, Chelsea’s fans were loving it at Arsenal in the Capital One Cup on Tuesday.

After a difficult start to the season for Jose Mourinho the Pensioners are looking like the team to beat in England this season, and with their team playing with such high confidence at the moment, Chelsea’s fans are only too happy to be equally boisterous in the bleachers.

At the Emirates there were several Chelsea songs which caught people’s attentions.

Blues fans trolled Arsenal and Manchester United in one foul swoop singing “F*** off David Moyes! Wenger touches boys! We got Mo-ree-nee-oh! Mo-ree-nee-oh!”

Then, when Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla got ready to take a corner, the Chelsea fans let him know “you’re just a sh*t Juan Mata! Sh*t Juan Mata! Sh*t Juan Maaaa-ta!”

In a slightly more positive song the Chelsea supporters also shouted about the fact that the Pensioners are the only London club to have won the European Cup.

Watch all the Chelsea songs at Arsenal below.