Chelsea fan turns a now-obsolete Juan Mata shirt into a Nemanja Matić one with some DIY skills

There’s no greater shame than the player whose name you have on the back of your club shirt leaving, meaning you have to suffer the indignity of public mockery, because you’re naturally too miserly to throw it away.

But there are ways around it, as this Chelsea fan has shown, with some simple DIY skills.

The wide awake Chelsea fan has wasted little time in converting what would have been a shirt for the scrapheap into a perfectly good one.

With Mata leaving for United, he was left with the choice of chucking it, or doing something creative with the lettering.

And with new Chelsea signing Matic only an ‘i’ and a ‘c’ away, he had good as new shirt!

Well, apart from the giant X across the 0 on the back, but let’s not split hairs.