Chelsea capers: Lukaku posts Instagram video of De Bruyne bobbing his head to music whilst sleeping

It looks like the formerly on loan Belgians at Chelsea are settling in just fine with the “banter” already flowing in Jose Mourinho’s new squad.

Romelu Lukaku has posted an Instagram video of his Belgian team mate Kevin De Bruyne sleeping on the Chelsea boss, yet somehow still bobbing his head to the music.

At first, Lukaku posted a picture with Michael Essien showing a “V” sign as De Bruyne slept, with the message: “You’ve been caught bro @kalle14 my big bro @iam_ess told you never sleep while you with us hahahahaahha #cfc #asia 13/14”

Then, Lukaku posted the video below before another picture with Chelsea colleague Essien, in which the Belgian striker wrote: “Me and @iam_ess will be chasin people that are slippin hahahhaha #TeamNoSleep at least for 3hours loool”

Footballers in pre season…

What hi jinx!