Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho interviewed by Jon Snow: ‘1 FA Cup in 9 years for Arsenal? That’s nice’ [Video]

Jose Mourinho was interviewed by Channel 4’s Jon Snow ahead of his trip to Africa this June as an ambassador for World Food Program.

Mourinho was given a bit of a light grilling from Snow on the clash between the capitalism of football against the extreme poverty in the world, and the role of a man employed by a billionaire, who employs players earning 100 grand a week.

Mourinho batted away this questions by putting the football industry into perspective, saying that when you compare football to some of the industries linked with war, football is microscopic by comparison.

Once the poverty-wealth discussion is done with, Snow moves the conversation onto football, and asked Mourinho about van Gaal, who Jose says he received a call from once the announcement was made.

Then comes the zinger.

Snow asks Mourinho, ‘And your friend Wenger, a ”specialist in failure as you called him…he won the FA Cup…are you going to change your mind?’

Mourinho paused, looked bemused, snorted and scoffed, and replied…’Yeah, you know, 1 FA Cup in 9 years…that’s a nice moment for them.’

And how many trophies has Mourinho won in the last 2 seasons at the helm of two of the wealthiest clubs in the world?