Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho gives press lecture in his career achievements: ‘I’ve won everything’ [Video]

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With Jose Mourinho looking increasingly likely to complete his first full season without a trophy in his managerial career, the sheen appears to be wearing off the Special One.

The erstwhile man of animal magnetism looks jaded, exhausted and downright bored as the season draws to a close, and he’s been forced to stick his head above the parapet and defend his record.

In classic Mourinho style, he gave the press a long-winded lecture on his career achievements at his presser yesterday, clearly unaware that they all have access to Wikipedia.

The Insecure One?

(The video above has a Spanish voice-0ver; most of the English can still be heard, which is transcribed below.)

“I’m going to tell you something, a bit of the history of my career.

“My career reached, at Inter, the maximum you can reach when you win everything.

In 2010 I won everything. After that, this is the history of my career. In the first season [with Real Madrid] I won the cup against the best team in the world [Barcelona] and finished second in the league after the best team in the world.

The next season I was league champion against the best team in the world, the champions of the records – 100 points, 126 goals, the record team – and we won that league.

“In the third season we won every match against the best team in the world, in the league, the Super Cup, the Cup. We lost the league, finished second, and we lost the Champions League semi-final by one goal.

And the fourth season, which is this one, and probably the first where I don’t win a single trophy, I go to the Champions League semi-final and fight for the title until the last. So these are the four bad seasons of my career.”