Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho confirms interest in Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas [Yahoo]

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has joined up with Yahoo for the World Cup, with whom he’ll be blogging and discussing the World Cup.

During a Yahoo event in London today, Mourinho admitted that he’s interested in signing Cesc Fabregas, as reports claim that negotiations are quite advanced already.

Mourinho said: I am interested in studying the Fabregas situation. I think he’s eager to leave Barcelona and motivated to come back to the Premier League.

I think that much is clear. Now he’s going to sign for Chelsea or for another English club, but it’s not a subject for today, or even tomorrow; it’s for after the World Cup.’

So Mourinho looks ready to let bygones be bygones with Fabregas and get on with business; does Cesc feel the same way?

(Via Record)