Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho ‘can’t understand’ Luis Suarez’s stadium ban: ‘It’s too severe’ [Yahoo Video]

Jose Mourinho and Luis Suarez have a little previous (but then, who doesn’t have some previous with Mourinho?). the Chelsea boss having labeled the Uruguayan an actor last season for what he perceived to have been a dive during Chelsea v Liverpool.

But Mourinho put that to one side in discussing and analyzing Luis Suarez’s 4 month football ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini, which includes a ban from entering any stadium in that time.

Though Mourinho recognizes that Suarez deserves to be punished, the Chelsea boss says he simply doesn’t understand the point of imposing an additional stadium ban on the Liverpool striker.

‘What’s the problem for Suarez to be in the stadium with the Uruguay supporters, watching the game between his country and Colombia?’

It’s too hard, too severe…I really don’t understand.’

Watch Jose Mourinho criticize the stadium ban imposed by Luis Suarez on his Yahoo blog.