Cheating Mohammed Gassid attempts to frame Sergio Ramos for assault (video)

Iraqi keeper Mohammed Gassid should hang his head in shame this Thursday. The goalie embarrassed himself at the Confederations Cup in a weak attempt at conning the ref into booking Sergio Ramos for a non-existent kick in the head.

The incident arrived five minutes before the break. Spain won a free-kick just outside the top right hand side of the box, with Xavi given the responsibility of sending the dead-ball in the danger area. Joan Capdevila managed to direct the ball goalwards, however his effort was tame and easily collected by Gassid between the sticks.

Just in case of any slip-ups, Sergio Ramos had followed up the effort by bearing down on the keeper. But once the ball nestled in the goalie’s grasp, Ramos purposefully avoided making contact with the shotstopper, carefully positioning his feet so that no contact was made.

Cue the cheating.

Despite the distinct lack of contact Gassid immediately grabbed his face with both hands as he faked a kick in the kisser. Then came the cringe-worthy dog-rolling impressions as the Iraqi number one milked the moment for all it was worth. After a short kerfuffle without convincing the ref to brandish a card, the keeper slowly made his way to his feet and began carrying on as usual.


Mohammed Gassid’s horrible cheating offence can be seen here.