Cheat of the Year? Oli (Uruguay) vs Nico Jung (Switzerland)

For everyone who enjoys getting on their soapbox to finger-point at the biggest cheats in football, this next video is gold.

The beach soccer World Cup has been played out in the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks, and on Monday the match between Switzerland and Uruguay witnessed one of the most despicable acts of play-acting caught on camera. Ever!

With the Swiss 3-nil up at the time, the match was stopped for an infringement. Cue a face-off between players in which Swiss goalie Nico Jung got right in the grill of Uruguay striker Oli. With their noses almost touching, the keeper was caught screaming at the number nine in the middle of the melee.

Incredibly, despite a complete absence of contact between the players, Oli reacted to being yelled at by clutching his face as if he’d been shot. His behaviour was 100% put-on, and was instantly reminiscent of Rivaldo’s famous moment of cheating against Turkey at the 2002 World Cup.

Unless Nico Jung’s breathe smelled toxic, Oli’s attempts at getting his opponent sent off was one of the dirtiest acts of cheating seen during 2009.

And how did the ref react? By doing sweet FA.

The footage can be seen here.