Cheat of the Year? Kaj Ennigaro (IF Fuglafjorour) vs B71 Sandur

Remember Rivaldo. Or the Uruguayan futsal striker Oli. Now get ready to meet their match.

Last weekend in the footballing black hole that is the Faroe Islands, the top flight Meistaradeildin match between IF Fuglafjordur and B71 Sandur witnessed arguablly the worst act of cheating seen in 2010 so far.

The incident started when IF Fuglafjordur, in red, found themselves defending a B71 free-kick deep in their own box. Home defender Poul Ennigaro managed to head the ball into his own net under pressure from the B71’s number 18, only for the ref to chalk off the goal for an infringement.

During the ref’s decision-making process, though, a stand-off unravelled under the man in black’s nose between the number 18 and Kaj Ennigaro. Ennigaro was the instigator as he aggressively got up in his opponent’s face. As a way of a reaction, the number 18 gently pushed Ennigaro on his chest and gave him a suggestive flick to his face.

But that was all the invitation Ennigaro needed to go down like a sack of spuds, as the IF Fuglafjorour midfielder threw himself to the ground like a toddler chucking a tantrum.

For a grown man Ennigaro should hang his head in shame. Even the crowd could be heard laughing in the background!

The embarrassing footage of 2010’s cheat of the year so far, Kaj Ennigaro, can be seen here.

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