Cheap Laugh: Steward falls over in pursuit of pitch invader (Wigan-Notts County)

Sniggers at the ready for a classic piece of comedy following Notts County’s tremendous 2-nil away day cupset at Wigan from Wednesday night.

After the final whistle at the DW Stadium, the County players and staff were understandably overjoyed, and the team embraced each other in the middle of the pitch as they took in their achievement.

In the midst of the excitement one cheeky County fan managed to race onto the pitch as he attempted to join in the on-field celebrations. But no sooner had he made his way onto the turf when he was faced with a middle-aged looking steward who looked to take him down.

Cue the Benny Hill music.

With little grip on his proper shoes, the steward was forced to race after the fleeing pitch invader, only to fall flat on his face in front of all the County players. Unable to ignore what was happening in front of them, several of the County players couldn’t help cheering the get-away of the fan.

The footage can be seen here.