Charlie Adam Tweets: “I don’t and never have had anything against Spurs”

The conspiracy theories have been doing the rounds in recent days, after Charlie Adam crocked yet another Tottenham star.

Adam has pulled off some sickening challenges on two of Tottenham’s biggest stars now – twice on Gareth Bale and on Sunday on Paulinho.

This has had Spurs fans wondering just why Charlie Adam hates the north London side so much?

Perhaps the Scottish midfielder is a closet Arsenal fan?

Or, he is angry that Tottenham did not sign him when they were linked with a move for the midfielder during his time at Blackpool?

In perhaps one of the craziest admissions seen on social media, related to football, Charlie Adam took to Twitter and announced he does not have “anything against Spurs.”

You can be sure all eyes will be on Adam when he lines up for Stoke against Tottenham on April 26, 2014.


Charlie Adam