Charlie Adam hit with violent conduct charge for stamping on Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud, Stoke “are disgusted”

The FA announced overnight on Monday that Stoke midfielder Charlie Adam has been slapped with a violent conduct charge for stamping on Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud.

TV cameras caught Charlie Adam digging his studs into the leg of the Gunners French striker, and whilst the incident was missed by the officials at the time it has since been brought to the attention of the FA who have acted.

Stoke and Charlie Adam have until 6pm on Tuesday March 4 to respond to the charge, and all indications are that the Potters are set to defend their midfielder to the hills.

In a powerful statement issued on Monday night, Stoke owner Peter Coates has branded the FA’s charge to Charlie Adam “appalling”. The full brass-neck statement read as follows:

We are disgusted. Charlie absolutely assures us it was not intentional. I defy anyone to look at that and say it was. We will defend it vigorously. It is appalling.

We have seen some of the things that have gone on in recent weeks and no one has been called to account. Yaya Toure recently lashed out at a player [Norwich’s Ricky van Wolfswinkel) and nothing got done. We are shocked and surprised and believe the charge is totally unnecessary.

Pictures of Charlie Adam’s stamp on Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud are below.