Chapéu + back heel finish = another Golazo from Futsal superstar Falcao

Alessandro Rosa Vieira, or as we know him best, Falcao, is the most high profile Futsal player on the planet and his list of stunning Golazos is rather long.

In December, Falcao scored what this website christened a “ridiculous spinning backheel lob free-kick” that quickly went viral prompting us to compile a video list of his greatest ever goals.

We are pleased to report that Falcao has been up to his old tricks, scoring a wonder goal for his side Orlandia against Rio Preto on Monday evening.

Rio Preto won 7-3 and Falcao took the plaudits with another stunning goal that featured a “Chapéu” (lob over the keeper’s head) before a back heel from a tight angle.

Brilliant Golaco as our Brazilian friends say!