Cesc Fabregas LIKES Instagram picture urging him to return to Arsenal

One of the features of the current transfer window is how social media is impacting transfer movement, or at least appears to be.

The fact Manchester United’s new Twitter account followed Wayne Rooney was supposed to be significant and the actions of Cesc Fabregas on Instagram today (or was it someone playing with his phone?!) has sent some Arsenal fans into a frenzy.

Despite protestations from Fabregas throughout the summer, the Barcelona midfielder continues to be linked with a move back to Arsenal.

The latest rumour doing the rounds on Gooner sites is that those working in the Arsenal club shop have urged fans not to buy Per Mertasacker number 4 shirts because the tall German may no longer be wearing it.

So, you can imagine, how excited Arsenal fan Ranbir Singh was when he saw his post of Fabregas, in various states of celebration in an Arsenal shirt, was LIKED by none other than the Spannish midfielder.

The Instagram picture came with the tag line: “This guy has so much passion in an #Arsenal shirt. Wenger needs to resign him ASAP. #hero @cescf4bregas”

The Instagram picture from Singh is below, followed by proof that Fabregas did indeed LIKE this image.

Its a done deal, right?!

(Via Arsenal Reddit.)