Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths was drinking with Hibs fans in the pub, started singing “Hearts are going bust”

Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths has courted controversy this weekend after he was recorded leading Hibs fans in an anti Hearts song in a pub before the Edinburgh derby.

Leigh Griffiths is not only a former Hibs player, but he is also a Hibs fan, and the Celtic striker went alone to the match to see if his favourite club could beat rivals Hearts.

Before the game, however, Griffiths was filmed geeing up Hibs supporters by getting on a chair and belting out “Hearts are going bust” whilst popping his arms in the air in a party fashion.

Griffiths has since been called up on his antics, and the Celtic man said: “It was football banter. I apologise if any offence was caused.”

The 23-year-old also took to Twitter to explain his behaviour on social media:

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