Celebration FAIL: Fenerbache fans think they won the league only to find out they hadn’t. And then they get angry

We all know that the Turks are a passionate group of football fans.

Various European trips to Turkey have led to horror stories of stabbings, intimidation and vows never to return. However Turkish supporters don’t just battle it out with foreigners, and last weekend we saw how things can go bad on the domestic scene too.

So imagine the scene on the final day of the season last Sunday. The Fenerbahce fans pour onto the pitch following their teams one all draw with Trabzonspor and celebrate the club’s 18th league title, only to find out a couple of minutes later, that the imbecile of an announcer has got the scores wrong.

With two minutes to go in the Fenerbahce match, the announcer claimed that Besiktas had levelled the score against Bursaspor, leading to Fenerbahce leapfrogging Bursaspor to the title.

But, with hundreds of fans and some players celebrating the championship on the pitch, the real score of the Bursaspor game, which was 2-1, was announced, causing despair and fury among Fener supporters.

Anger led to tears which later metamorphosed to anger. Well, the Fenerbache fans just went a little bit crazy, ripping up their ground, setting fire to the stadium, rioting and fighting police. Water cannons was used to quell the violence.

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