Cazorla interview: Hopes Arsenal win the league, talks Özil & says Juan Mata having a “difficult time” at Chelsea

The good people at Sphera Sports have scooped an interview with Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla, and the Spanish international discussed his ambitions for Arsenal this season while also leaking information regarding Juan Mata’s situation at Chelsea.

Below in a translation of the Sphera Sports interview.

– How is your ankle injury? How’s the recovery time?

I hope to be back shortly Every day I’m feeling better and I’m working on all ways to reduce my downtime. It all depends on how I train and strenghten my ankle. As the days go try to go about doing more things and if all goes well I will try to return for the game against Napoli, but that’s not certain.

– After the setback of the first day of league, Arsenal have put together seven straight wins, winning two derbies against Fulham and Tottenham. The team is in great shape. Do you expect Arsenal to fight for the title after eight years of drought?

Hopefully we win the title, but it is too early to talk about it. The beginning is very good. After the first loss the team is performing at a good level. We are consistent, that is what we lacked last season. Furthermore, the incorporation of Mesut Özil has given us  a big leap in quality. Hopefully we can now become one of the great teams and that gives us the chance to fight for the title.

What does Mesut Özil’s arrival add to the Arsenal dressing room?

Mesut is a TOP player. He is a different player that wins games. It’s nice to be with him every day because every time you learn something new. It is fortunate to have him on our team, he’s tremendous. Gradually we’ll adapt to what the team requires, where perhaps the change will cost a bit, but it looks since good since he arrived, which is very comfortable and every day we should get better.

– Florentino Perez said of him that he left Real Madrid because he couldn’t handle the pressure. Do you think that’s why Özil left Los Blancos?

No, no, no. I do not think that. He has been at Real Madrid for three years and he has proven his quality. I do not know what has come out of Madrid, but I’m sure the pressure has not been an issue. Mesut has played big games and he has always met the challenge. I think he left for more personal reasons, not pressure.

– Özil is the last to arrive, but the Premier League is a league that already had excellent players. Who is the player who most surprised you during your stay in England?

One player that most caught my attention is undoubtedly the Everton left-back Leighton Baines. A player who makes a lot of goals, he has great quality. He is a player that I really like.

– During your absence, and also with Arteta out, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey have come in and played well for the Gunners. How do you see two of the most promising players of Arsenal?

Jack and Aaron are spectacular players. They are young, with incredible futures, especially Aaron who has been very very good, scoring many goals and adding many things to the team. Hopefully he can maintain that level because the more quality and competition we have, the better it will be for the team. And now with Mikel’s recovery, and with the arrival of Flamini, the coach will have more options.

– We are up to 31 Spaniards in the Premier League. Why are so many players in England?

Many players want to try their luck out and the Spanish league gets a bit monotonous with Barca and Real Madrid. Outside there are more chances of winning titles than in Spain, where that bipolarity doesn’t exist.. In addition, there are the economic problems facing the country.

– One of the top Spanish players in the Premier League is Juan Mata. Do you think he is playing a secondary role at Chelsea since the arrival of Mourinho?

Mata is a great teammate and a great player, I consider him a great friend as we’ve lived together for many years. He has served two brilliant  years at Chelsea, being their best player with tremendous performances, and he is one of the best players in the Premier League. But football changes from one year to another, but hey. I see him remaining calm, confident that his situation will change, and he has faith in himself. I think he’ll show that there is still room for him at Chelsea, but it is true that he is now going through a difficult time because by not playing, and going from being an important start to the bench is difficult to take in.