Caxias striker Vanderlei gets bitten by a police dog vs Novo Hamburgo

Wishy-washy officiating from a linesman lead to a nasty confrontation between a police dog and Caxias striker Vanderlei on Saturday.

Playing in the Gaucho I, Novo Hamburgo stuck the ball in the Caxias net in the 32nd minute through Paulinho Macaiba, but at first instance it appear that no goal would be recorded as the linesman raised his flag for offside.

The referee, who appeared to be favouring a goal, then consulted with his official, and after a brief exchange the Caxias team quickly became disappointed as the linesman reversed his opinion and a goal was registered.

(Watch Paulinho Macaiba’s controversial goal here.)

Then came the aftermath as, having seen the linesman just flip-flop his mind in a matter of seconds, the Caxias players rounded on the lino to try and change his mind once more. With a whiff of disobedience in the air, the riot police and their dogs moved in as the players argued it out with the men in black.

That proved bad news for Caxias striker Vanderlei as one hungry, angry-looking canine took a bite on the striker’s shorts. Fortunately the dog didn’t land on any flesh and the attacker walked away unscathed.

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Watch Caxias striker Vanderlei get bitten by a police dog here.

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