Caught on Camera: Hulk & Sapunaru caught on CCTV fighting stewards after Benfica-Porto

Back on December 20th in Portugal, powerhouses Benfica and Porto met in the league in a match which Benfica won 1-nil, but following the full-time whistle rumours began circulating of a punch-up in the tunnel involving Porto’s Hulk and Sapunaru.

A month later, CCTV footage has now been released of the behind-the-scene ruckus, and fears are now fever-pitch that the battling duo could face suspensions anywhere from six months to three years for fighting with ground staff once the players had returned to the changing rooms.

The security video shows how the relatively peaceful end of the match was disrupted when coaches, officials and ground staff all became embroiled in scenes of violence in which Porto players Hulk, Sapunaru, Helton, Fucile and Rodriguez were all clearly identifiable in the melee.

That said, the images are far from the brutal scenes which one may have expected. Instead, they appear to show the accused pushing and shoving rather than assaulting one another.

It should be noted that, given the current regulations in Portigal, the images of video surveillance can not be used in the sports courts, but only in relation the criminal cases. The sports court are entitled however to request for direction from any criminal court on how they should proceed, and we’ll have to wait and see what punishments will eventually be dished out by the court.

The CCTV footage of the incident (which bubbles into life after 3.40 minutes) can be seen here.