Caught on Camera: Bellamy goes ballistic

On Wednesday night Wales took on Poland, losing 1-nil to a superb winner from Legia Warsaw’s Brazil-born striker Roger Guerreiro. However matching the winner for entertainment was yet another outburst from Welsh firebrand Craig Bellamy, who got into a slanging match with a Welsh supporter at the end of the match.

According to reports, the incident started after Bellamy, who was doing a touchline TV interview, became the target of abuse from angry fan sitting in the stands. Not known for his compassionate and calm character, Bellamy blew a fuse, engaging the fan in a finger-pointing shouting match before he was led away by security officials.

Amateur footage caught the end of the action unfold.

The pictures begin rolling with Bellamy heard eloquently shouting “You f***ing p***k!” The Man City striker then exchanged some more words with the fan, however what was said remains unknown as the other fans in the stand began raising their voices in unison at seeing Bellamy loose his rag.

Craig Bellamy’s flare-up can be seen here.