Catalan channel TV3 compares Real Madrid players to Hyenas hunting Lionel Messi

This is pretty much the last thing the often volatile rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona needed.

Despite the fact Real Madrid don’t face Barcelona until the end of the month, in the Copa del Rey semi-final second leg, TV3 have stoked up the rivalry with a segment comparing fouls on Lionel Messi to Hyenas hunting in packs.

Mixing aggressive Real Madrid fouls with footage of the animals, using pictures and sound, is pretty effective and the video will likely be championed by those who feel Lionel Messi is targeted by Los Blancos in the El Clasico.

Quite why TV3 felt this was a clever thing to produce though has to be asked. Footage below.

Update: TV3 have apologised for the video with this statement: ‘We apologise, but the intention was to show how Messi is a hunted target. Messi isn’t the bad guy of the movie, as has been presented from the Madrid media, but the victim.’

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