Cat Got Your Tongue, Thomas? Vermaelen refuses to comment on Arsenal future at Belgium camp

Thomas Vermaelen spoke to Sky’s roving reporter Gary Coterill from Belgium’s World Cup playoff preparation camp today, but was in no mood to discuss his Arsenal future.

Asked about his situation at the Premier League leaders, the marginalised centre half was surprisingly reticent, while also refuting the recent quote attributed to him saying he was 100% committed to Arsenal.

I don’t wanna speak about this situation, because if I say something, people make it worse, so I don’t wanna talk about that.

You know, it’s not about my situation, it’s about how the team goes, and at the moment we’re doing well as a team, so my situation is not important.”

A comedy moment followed, with Vermaelen showing himself to be just as demanding about interview etiquette as Roy Keane.

As a Colombian journo took a call during his interview, he said ‘Is he really calling?’ – before breaking out in incredulous laughter.

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Thomas Vermelaen