Casillas ‘likes’ Instagram page criticizing Lopez, Arbeloa RT’s book calling Iker a ‘tumor’ on Real Madrid

The fault lines created by Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid have been exposed once again, and shown to have in no way heeled despite winning La Decima last May.

When Jose Mourinho dropped Casillas at Malaga in December 2012, he split the club in two – Mourinhistas, and anti-Mourinistas; those with the manager were automatically with the manager, and vice versa.

Alvaro Arbeloa was Mourinho’s staunchest, most loyal servant through that time, and he and Casillas’ recent social network activity has shown that there’s still plenty of tension between the pair.

Firstly, Iker Casillas ‘liked’ an Instagram message from a seemingly inconsequential Madrid fan’s page, who vehemently criticized Casillas’ rival Diego Lopez with a bit of a trolling rant.

She said: ‘I said Madrid wouldn’t win the league with Diego in goal: 1 point for me.

I said Madrid would concede 2 goals per game, that he’d make loads of errors in big games, and that’s what happened, etc. etc.

The only reason he played in the first place was because Casillas was injured by ‘the cone’ (Arbeloa)…

Amazingly, Casillas ‘liked’ this message, which naturally didn’t go down well with Arbeloa, who was referred to as a cone in the message for being so slow, and he replied with his own bit of passive aggressive social media behaviour.

The defender Retweeted a new book called ‘Subversive Madrid’, which apparently goes against Diego Torres’ anti-Mourinho thesis, and blames Casillas for all of Madrid’s ills, even calling the club captain a ‘tumor’ on Real Madrid.

Over to you, Casillas, for a Facebook share…

This is social media warfare, people.