Cash in Hand: Ex-Liverpool keeper Bruce Grobbelaar appears in Paddy Power ad (video)

Paddy Power are treading the dangerous line between good humour and bad taste by employing ex-Liverpool keeper Bruce Grobbelaar to star in their new viral ad.

Wanting to spread the message that the Irish bookie has a variety of ‘money back special’ markets, the ad sees former hand-in-the-cookie-jar merchant Grobbelaar acting as an agent of the bookie by hand-delivering a wad of cash to an unsuspecting member of the public.

Having been declared bankrupt after his House of Lords battle with The Sun on claims of match-fixing back in the 1990s, the irony of Grobbelaar starring in the commercial is plain.

The ad begins with the Zimbabwean shotstopper entering the action whilst performing his trademark wobbily legs routine that worked to such great effect in the 1984 European Cup final against Roma.

Once the light-hearted mood had been set Grobbelaar, sporting his old Liverpool kit complete with his famous handlebar moustache, got to the business of spouting the Paddy Power message before the ad concluded with the goalie diving through the washing machine to make his exit.

Bruce Grobbelaar’s Paddy Power commercial can be seen here.